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Our Product, ScootaTrailer


(We only sell ScootaTrailer® to authorized dealers approved by ScootaTrailer®. To purchase a trailer you must select a dealer in your area via the 'Find A Dealer' tab at the top of the page.


Inside dimensions: length 66" x width 37.5"

Click on the picture to see full specs

Wheelchair hoist




     We are a fourth generation custom trailer building company. In 2003 a woman in need of a way to carry her electric wheelchair came to us and asked for a custom trailer to haul it. This idea gave way to the birth of ScootaTrailer®. Since that time, we have had made many upgrades and continue to perfect our product, ScootaTrailer®. Thousands of people consider ScootaTrailer® the most ideal way to transport their power wheelchair or mobility scooter.

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