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Every ScootaTrailer includes:

-Baked on power coat enamel paint

-Spare tire and mount.  (no tire cover)

-Spray rubber coated load ramp (assisted)

-Spray rubber coated floor.  (To spray the inside of the whole bed is an option.)

-Four 'rope pull' tie downs with ten locations to hook to.  (

-Front swivel jack caster wheel

-Rear LED signal lights & license light, utilizing a flat four pin connector.

-Brushed aluminum fenders; bolt on 

-High speed 145 x 12' LRD @ 1,250 lbs. each

-Torflex rubber ride independent suspension


Optional Upgrades:

1.  Aluminum top, which allows 52 inches of inside vertical clearance.


2.  Spray rubber coat complete bed.

ScootaTrailer Specifications


     The ScootaTrailer only weighs 475 lbs. with the aluminum top option. (400 lbs. without it).  It measures 66" long by 35.5" wide inside. Overall outside length & width is 93" x 54".  Outside height, top to bottom, is 63". Bed height is only 9" from the ground.  Dexter® torflex axles are used on every unit, and equipped with 145 x 12" 8 ply high speed radial tires. The unit requires a 2" ball, and a 17" - 19" ball height.  Each trailer is equipped with a swivel jack & caster wheel. The safety chains and lighting 

meet DOT approval in all 50 states, and in Canada.  ScootaTrailer can handle up to a 600 lb. powerchair OR scooter. The one year limited warranty is provided with every unit. 


*Aluminum top and rubber coat options shown in some pictures are an add-on for an additional cost*

*This trailer must be purchased through an approved dealer*

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