Shipping Policy

ScootaTrailer shipping agenda is unlike any other mobility product in the industry.  Our product is classified, by federal definition, as a motor vehicle.  With that said, we use methods when it comes to manufacturing and shipping, similar to automobile manufacturers.  We implement an ‘up to’ 14-day tentative shipping period.  To understand exactly what that means we explain it this way:  


The 14-day period begins after the day payment has been received (from our dealer), not including weekends or holidays.  All units sold require a prepayment from the dealer even before a ship date will be issued.  If the 14th day happens to fall on a Friday, the ship day will move to the following Monday, as we never ship on a Friday.  Just remember, this is a ship date….. NOT a delivery date.   


There is an option to our 14-day ship, as follows:  Dealers have the opportunity to request an upgrade, using our ‘Expedited Shipping’  at a cost of $300.00.  This is an additional charge above the normal freight charge.  The expedite has no effect on motor freight transportation time or delivery time.  It simply means that we’ll put the order at the top of all other orders, which are already waiting the 14-day shipping period.  In summary, the expedited order will ship in up to 3 business days, rather than 14.