Cancellation Policy

There will be a $500.00 per unit cancellation charge once the unit(s) is ordered, but has not shipped, plus a 4% credit card transaction fee if the unit was paid for by credit card. Reasons for the charges are listed below. At the moment payment is received for this product, documentation is immediately prepared and processed.



1) A Federal Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is issued.

2) A 'Certificate of Origin' for the VIN is created (per Federal law).

3) An invoice 'bill of sale' is created and printed with name & address, and also includes the seventeen digit VIN that was issued. The information on the invoice matches the information that appears on the 'certificate'.

4) Also created, is a warranty sheet, an order confirmation sheet, a maintenance & use guideline and assembly instruction sheet. And, of course, a shipping 'bill of lading' is also created.

*** Re-establishing identity and ownership of a vehicle involves voiding all documentation, as well as creating new invoices and documentation for the cancelled unit(s). This is not only costly, but takes time to complete. Therefore, refunds will require two to three weeks from the day a cancellation confirmation is received.