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Is it easy to operate?

Absolutely Yes!

Can My Vehicle Tow a ScootaTrailer?

EVERY MAKE & MODEL OF VEHICLE CAN TOW ScootaTrailer with up to a 600 lb. electric wheelchair or scooter inside.  AND, they can all do it at any highway speed without complication of overloading the vehicle or the hitch.  This includes sub-compacts, compacts, medium & large vehicles, trucks & SUV’s.  Sub-compact examples:  Honda Fit, Ford Focus, Toyota Prius, VW Beetle, Nissan Versa, Smart Car, etc., etc., and the list goes on.  The sub-compacts just mentioned, only have a 100 lb. – 1,000 lb. rated hitch available.  That’s still more than enough for ScootaTrailer, with ANY chair or scooter up to 600 lbs.  The most important fact to know is this:  ANY vehicle that a hitch is made for is enough vehicle & enough hitch!

The answer is always yes!


Click on the picture to see our PowerPoint!

XL Scoota Trailer
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